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Rob Hoffman

CEO, Entrepreneur, and 30x Real Money Trading Champion

With over 25 years of battle tested experience trading and investing,  30x domestic and international trading champion Rob Hoffman holds the unique title of winning more real money, on-site trading competitions than anyone else in the entire world.
As the founder of several financial education businesses such as www.Wealth365.com and www.BecomeABetterTrader.com, Rob is known as a renowned trading educator and has helped audiences worldwide find greater consistency in their trading with his strategies and insights.
As an entrepreneur, Rob Hoffman has set out to take powerful trading tools that were inaccessible to most retail traders and bring them into a single, affordable trading platform (www.WealthCharts.com). With it’s powerful indicators, advanced algorithmic trading research tools, and unique educational content, WealthCharts has definitively become one of the most exciting new trading and investment platforms of the year. It is now the only platform Rob uses in his own trading and the platform of choice for many market experts, traders and investors all over the world.

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Champion Setups, Strategies and Trade Ideas for U.S. Markets

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